Two Florida drivers took their fight to the literal streets in a road rage incident that was captured on camera.

According to ABC 15, Eric Gerstmann and Sean Gerstmann of Port Saint Lucie were seen in camera footage driving a car very slowly in front of a minivan. While the moments leading up to the interaction are not on video, the men can be seen driving aggressively, even preventing the van from switching lanes.

At one point, the drivers stop their vehicles on the side of a busy street and three men step out. Punches fly in the middle of traffic, the men seemingly unaware that they’re blocking numerous travelers all around them.

Bystanders were seen exiting their vehicles to separate the men.

“Bystanders were involved trying to break them up, and the potential of those bystanders also getting hurt during this is increased,” said the Stuart Police Department’s Jeff Kittredge.

He also criticized the men’s dangerous actions leading up to the physical confrontation, saying, “Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re also putting other motorists in danger with aggressive driving.”

The Gerstmanns drove off following the incident, but were soon arrested. They both face charges of disorderly conduct. Eric also accumulated other charges for reportedly resisting arrest.

The Stuart Police is asking for anyone who has information about the driver of the van to contact them.

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