Parents Arrested After 3-Year-Old’s Body Found in Bucket of Acid

Webb County Sheriff's Office

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Videos by Rare

A couple from Laredo, Texas was arrested after authorities reportedly found the remains of their 3-year-old daughter in a bucket believed to be filled with acid. According to authorities, 37-year-old Monica Yvonne Dominguez and 32-year-old Gerardo Zavala-Loredo were arrested last week on charges of tampering with evidence and abusing a corpse.

Authorities also charged Dominguez with two counts of endangerment of a child. Dominguez said her daughter, Rebecka, drowned in the tub Thursday afternoon while bathing with another child. Dominguez said the children were unsupervised at the time.

Prosecutors stated Dominguez sought Zavala-Loredo’s help to dispose of the girl’s remains. Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz revealed the body was originally found by a neighbor in a five-gallon bucket of acid in the bedroom closet, and called authorities through an anonymous hotline. Alaniz stated that although there is no evidence to prove it is a homicide, the medical team is working to study all the remains. Authorities will also send the remains to Dallas to an anthropologist to look at the bones and find anything consistent with child abuse.

Dominguez is being held on a $175,000 bond, while Zavala-Loredo is being held on $125,000 bond. Dominguez had a previous probation charge from an injury to a child case and with this arrest, she violated her probation of 10 years. Meanwhile, Zavala-Loredo has an immigration hold because he is the U.S. Illegally.

The couple’s four other children, ages ranging from 1 to 11, are now with child protective services. Dominguez did not have custody of the children, but Zavala did.

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