Watch these guys celebrate America the best way possible: breaking out machine guns and firing all day long


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Gun fans in Brooksville, Fla., didn’t wait for the sun to go down on Independence Day to make things go boom. Instead, they joined in at the local gun range, Hernando Sportsman’s Club, for the annual “Machine Gun Shoot,” which features just about all the weapons that you could want. WFLA spoke to organizers who estimated that shooters at the event, which lasted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., would fire off as many as 100,000 rounds and spend as much as $5,000 each on ammo.

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There were a number of women in the firing line, and the Florida MSNBC affiliate reporter spoke to Alyssa Almanza, who said, “We just like to celebrate our unalienable right to bear arms. Our own form of fireworks I guess. […] It’s empowering, no matter what gender you are.”

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The moment of joy begins with the flip of the so-called “giggle switch,” taking the machine guns from semi-automatic to fully-automatic. Moments later, the bullets fly for what the event calls the “most fun you can have in three seconds.” While it’s an expensive day, it’s definitely worth it. There were even a few “machine gun dates” that featured happy couples spending the day immersed in gunfire.

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