Highway Left a Slippery Mess After Alfredo Sauce Explosion: ‘You Can Smell It’

You may be in luck if you have about 200 pounds of pasta and a gigantic boiling pot. Oh, and best bring your appetite.

After all, a truck traveling near Memphis accidentally dumped Alfredo sauce all over Interstate 55 after running into a median.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kate Bieri of FOX13 Memphis was on the scene, reporting the straight facts and tweeting out some video.

“You can smell it!” she tweeted. “Memphis police confirm a tractor-trailer carrying Alfredo sauce spilled on I-55 near Riverside Boulevard.”

Alfredo Sauce For Days

The spill caused a traffic delay, but not much more. Thankfully, no one was injured. There have also been no reports of sudden weight gain in the area.

“When we arrived just after 5 p.m. it did smell like Olive Garden, the smell of alfredo sauce was really thick in the air,” Bieri told Newsweek. “I thought it smelled great, a very pleasant aroma. But it took about an hour of sitting in the hot Memphis sun for all that alfredo sauce to smell not that great.”

For the record, the USDA says opened jars Alfredo sauce can be left out for about two hours before it goes bad. But in this case, it sounded as if it was unappetizing much quicker than that.

“There were bugs everywhere,” Bieri said. “Just flying around, just circling the area. There were so many and probably six or seven got in our car. They were probably just attracted to the smell.”

Hey, who wasn’t?

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