How White Lotus Star Meghann Fahy Maintains Her Health With Therapy

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The breakout star, 32, shared her health journey with PEOPLE. Her mental health comes “first and foremost.” 

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Self Care

“I’m huge on therapy, so that’s always a part of my life,” she discussed a few details about her physical health as well, “I drink lemon water in the morning. That’s kind of how I start my day because I think that’s just a good way to kick things off.”

She shared that she likes to “stay pretty active” by going outdoors and doing activities like yoga, jogging, and hiking.

“So, I’m definitely out in the elements, which is why my allergy medication is such an important part of that routine because it enables me to be as active as I want to be without suffering.”

Fahy also talked about her struggles with seasonal allergies “my entire life in a way that is truly debilitating. When you actually cannot stop sneezing, you kind of want to die. It’s miserable.”

Health Care

She recently did a campaign with the nasal spray Astepro. “If things go wrong, I have this backup. So it’s just good peace of mind to just know that it works as quickly as it does.”

Fahy debuted on Broadway in 2010 with Next to Normal. She also shared that her allergies can be difficult to manage when singing live or while on location, as she doesn’t always know what kind of environment she’ll be in.

“And if you can’t get hold of your allergies, you just suffer or slow production down, which is always very expensive,” she added.

She was fortunate not to have any issues while shooting season two of HBO’s White Lotus in Italy. Her performance as Daphne Sullivan was rewarded last month with her first Screen Actors Guild Award.

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