New York City Paints Black Lives Matter Mural Outside Trump Tower

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

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Videos by Rare

New York City closed down Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets following the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural in from of Trump Tower. The anticipated mural was postponed by a a week, but is now officially complete. Mayor Bill de Blasio participated in the project, saying he wanted to sent the message to President Donald Trump that Black Lives Matter, making it very. clear by putting the mural right in from of his doorstep.

Big bold yellow lettered with the words Black Lives Mater were painted permanently on Fifth Avenue. Street Corner Resources founder Iesha Sekou stated, “This is our fourth mural. We did Staten Island. We did Brooklyn. We did Harlem. Now we’re here at Trump Tower. We’re here on purpose at Trump Tower. These streets are our streets. These young people are here for history.”

Several matching murals have been popping up in several cities across the country,, as part of a bigger racial justice movement. The first mutual was painted in Washington, D.C.

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