Democrat Eric Swalwell Says Biden Isn’t Sleepy And Corrupt (Video)

Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell was being interviewed by MSNBC when he tried to defend Biden by saying he doesn’t know anyone who is both ‘sleepy’ and ‘corrupt.’ Oddly enough Eric Swalwell is the prime example of that concerning combination.

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In the MSNBC interview, Rep. Eric Swalwell started by saying: “This Congress started with threats of impeaching Senator Mayorkas, then it was FBI Director Christopher Wray…” then he worked his way around to Joe Biden. His point was that the Republican party in Congress has been a good bit of talk and not a lot of action. Whether or not this was a good point, his next point was downright ironic.

He broke away from the subject in order to crack his idea of a joke that went like this: “And by the way…” about to say what only he considered clever: “One day he’s sleepy Joe, one day he’s corrupt Joe, I know people who are sleepy, I know people who are corrupt, I don’t know anyone who is both…” Let’s take a moment to review who he might actually know as both sleepy and corrupt.

Democrat Swalwell Ironically Says He Doesn’t Know Anyone Who Is Sleepy And Corrupt

Number one, himself. Eric Swalwell was accused several years ago of sleeping with a Chinese spy, nicknamed Fang Fang. Some might consider that both sleepy and corrupt. The FBI investigated the claims, however Fang Fang had already left the country. Another on the list to consider would be Joe Biden, the very man Swalwell claims is not both corrupt and sleepy. As reported by Rare, Joe Biden was caught snoozing during a ceremony while in Maui. The time meant to be looking back over the solemn state of the Maui people after the terrible fires, was spent as nap time by our President. Seems a bit like sleepy behavior to me.

Furthermore, the Biden Administration has repeatedly lied about the reality of inflation, claiming that they have lowered costs nationwide, when we all know this is certainly not true. The scandals with Hunter Biden have been shaping up poorly for the President’s son and are pointing to the fact that Biden was very likely in on it. Such behavior could easily be considered corrupt, giving us yet another Democrat that Rep. Eric Swalwell knows to be both sleepy and corrupt.

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