Whoopi Goldberg Denies Farting on “The View” Following Sunny Hostin’s Comments on ‘WWHL’

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While appearing as a guest on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, Sunny Hostin spoke out about how her co-host on The View, Whoopi Goldberg, is not fond of all the jokes about her passing gas on air. Regarding Goldberg and the jokes at her expense, Hostin told Andy Cohen, “She didn’t like it.”

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The internet went into an uproar over several occurrences of Goldberg supposedly farting while hosting The View. Hostin stated that Goldberg does not fart live on the air and the sounds that viewers hear are mugs being moved across the table.

Whoopi Goldberg is Sick of Jokes About Her Passing Gas

Apparently, Hostin originally thought that Goldberg was indeed farting because of words the two shared. Hostin said, “And so Whoopi, in an effort to kind of cover that up, we have coasters now, was like, ‘Sorry y’all. That was me,’ and I just took her at her word.”

After Hostin apparently told people that the farting sounds were Whoopi, Goldberg was not amused. According to Hostin, “It just turned into this big thing and so Whoopi said, ‘Why did you tell everybody I fart all the time?’ and I was like, ‘Because you joke about farting all the time and I’m across from the table.’ I can’t smell it! Whoever smelt it dealt it, so I just had no idea. She said, ‘Thanks a lot,’ but I mean, Whoopi and I are very close, so she was OK.”

Back in January, one video in particular went viral that depicted a loud, strange fart sound on the set of The View, while Goldberg was discussing the case of classified documents found in Mike Pence’s home. People were baffled that something like this would occur during a serious political discussion. However, Joy Behar made an announcement on a March 21 episode of the talk show, saying, “Let’s put that rumor to rest – that sound that you hear, that’s a cup, OK?” Goldberg then added, “Yes, because, we get blamed for dropping gas, when in fact it’s a cup.”

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