“I’m Very Excited About The Future of Africa”: Kamala Harris in Ghana (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris is making a week long trip to Africa that kicked off with a visit to the Nation of Ghana on Sunday.

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The Vice President was welcomed by local dancers. See a clip of her exiting her aircraft below…

Harris can be quoted as saying during her speech…

We are looking forward to this trip as a further statement of the long and enduring very important relationship and friendship between the people of the United States and those who live on this continent.

What an honor it is to be here in Ghana and on the continent of Africa

I’m very excited about the future of Africa. I’m very excited about the impact of the future of Africa

Vice President Harris

See a clip of her reading that incredibly juvenile speech below…

Why does Kamala Harris always sound like she is reading to a class of Kindergarten students? She does it every single time she speaks publicly.

Whether it be at the White House, or in Ghana, Harris talks down to every person she speaks to. No wonder so many aides and assistants have fled this Administration.

Harris is excited about the future of Africa, but never works towards building a better future in the United States.

If only the American Left showed the respect that they exhibit towards Africa toward America, maybe our Country would not be on the brink of total collapse.

What do you think?

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