Joe Rogan: “How About the Fact that the Guy Who’s the President Right Now Can’t Form a F****** Sentence” (Video)

Comedian Joe Rogan hammered President Joe Biden in a recent episode of his podcast on Tuesday. Rogan can be quoted as saying…

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Like one of the great examples is what’s happening right now is this massive protest in France. A massive protest in France. 9 million people on the street. Literally. This is about the Social Security change. Macron in France takes his f*cking $80,000 watch off under the table while he’s talking to people about tightening up and about how you know, this has to be done. Like, the guy’s wearing a f*cking -find out what watch he was wearing. Because you’re a watch head… But the fact that this dork thought it was a good move to take his f*cking watch off under the table. And then there’s the protests in Israel. Enormous protests in Israel. Millions of people on the streets, and you’re not hearing a f*cking peep about it. All it is like, “January 6. January 6. Did you see what they did? January 6! Trump is coming back but January 6 looms large.” How about the fact that the guy who’s the president right now can’t form a fucking sentence? He makes up words and stumbles through things and no one says a godd*m thing about it.

See a clip of that moment below…

Rare has been pointing these facts out for many months now. It is a perfect reason to subscribe and stay tuned to our content.

Rogan, a proclaimed liberal, obviously is unimpressed with Biden.

What do you think?

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