People Are Putting Loofahs on Their Cars To Indicate If They Are Swingers

Holy moly, now THIS is a new one…I feel like I have been living under a rock. I respect it though you people are getting creative, I love it.

You know loofah sponges? Yes, the ones you use to shower on a daily basis? Well, apparently there are also used for another reason! They are also a sign indicating if people are ready to get down and dirty. Yes, apparently residents from the Florida retirement complex, The Villages, have been caught on video showing loofas on their cars, to distinguish whether or not they’re swingers.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It all started on TikTok after Tora Human posted a 28-second clip with the viral song “Oh No,” which shows residents of The Village’s communities purchasing several multicolored shower scrubbers in order to hang on the roofs of their vehicles and golf cars. “ They are everywhere!,” she captioned the hilarious video.

The Villages Gone Wild

As expected, the comments went insanely hard with some people just as shocked as I was when I found out what this meant. “The Villages are rocking out with their loofahs out!” one commenter wrote.

“My grandmother lives in Florida. One time, she very seriously said, ‘I think I’m gonna move to The Villages. They know how to have fun’ and we all died,” another one wrote. “Going to the dollar store to bring out my in-laws car,” another joke.

Believe it or not, it’s actually a thing and each color of a loofah means something different. According to a Reddit thread, there is a helpful guide called Loofah Code that literally tells you what each color of the loofah represents. The loofas usually come in seven different colors, each with a different sexual meaning.

 We start off with white, which indicates you were a beginner, and black is for those who want pretty much everything at the complex. Other colors include teal which are for those who identify as bisexual, and purple for those who like to… watch. Pink is for people who like to do it with other people in the room, yellow is for those who are down to have fun but are nervous, and blue is for those who play well with other people. 

What’s Your Color?

But, apparently trying to defend loofah’s honor, several commenters stated that these loofahs weren’t necessarily used for sex, but rather simply to help residents find their own cars since “all retirees drive similar cars.” 

“The reason for the loofas is simple, it’s so they can find their car. All the retirees drive similar cars and old gran can’t go around the whole parking lot looking for her car. So the loofa is an easy way for them to spot it from a distance,” user Gatordent stated. “Trust me, all the people I have met are definitely not swingers as most can barely stand without assistance.”

Believe what you want to believe,  I choose to believe that senior citizens have a wild sex life. I’m all here for it,  they want to go out with a bang (literally) and there’s nothing wrong with that. Who would have known, but then again this is Florida we’re talking about. So yeah, I can totally see this. Stay classy Florida, we love you.

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  1. These loofah help the seniors locate their white SUV in the Publix parking lot filled with other white SUVs.. Just take a look at who these ” swingers” are.

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