Boston Cop Zooms Out Of Metal Sliding Board On His Face In Viral Video

A viral video is taking the internet by storm. The video shows a park slide connected to a playground. As the video begins, a loud sound is heard.

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The sound then begins to get louder, as suddenly the feet of a police officer appear out of the bottom of the slide. Moving at light speed, the officer then tumbles off of the slide feet first, face down. Those videoing the moment are shocked by his sudden burst of speed, seeming to be unable to comprehend what just happened.

See a clip of that shocking video below…

There are so many questions that come to mind… For one, how in the hell does he end up coming out of the bottom of the slide face down? Did he enter the slide in that position?

Secondly, why is he moving so fast? Did he intentionally throw himself down the slide as hard as he could? It would seem to me that in order to build up the speed required to come out of the bottom of the slide with such force would be impossible without destroying the actual slide.

This has to be one of the strangest videos I have seen in a long time.

What do you think?

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