‘Death From Above’: Shocking Video Shows Snake Bite Man On The Head

One evening upon returning home, a man with the last name of Haven stumbled into a shocking discovery.

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The video was captured by the man’s Ring camera and uploaded by his son, as reported by the Daily Mail. The man and his son Stevie Haven had just made it back home with the father’s girlfriend. The son and the father’s girlfriend casually walked to the door. After the girlfriend walked in, the Ring captured footage of a snake perched on the frame of the door.

Stevie, the son, also walked in not seeing the critter at all. The dad was not all that fortunate though. Shortly after Stevie had shut the door behind him, the dad innocently and unsuspectingly strolled up to the door from the car. With a drink in his hand he reached for the door handle. As soon as the door swung open, the snake took a shot.

‘Death From Above’ Video Shows Snake Bite Man On The Head


Snake bites Dad on Head… haha he thought he was gone.. 😂😂😂#funnymoments😂 #hilarious

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The coiled snake nailed the father in the head. The bite appeared to be administered to his left temple. Immediately, the man ducked in fear and his eyes glared up to the top of the screen door. To his complete shock he discovered a huge snake. Realizing what just happened to him, he backed away and attempted to wipe his head where he was bit.

He began to run away shouting to his family, “I got bit!” The victim then tumbled down the front porch step and eventually mis-stepped on the pathway, crashing to the ground. He then performed a tactical roll and again yelled: “I got bit!” Thankfully the snake was identified as a rat-snake, a non venomous kind of snake. The man turned out to be just fine, though incredibly startled. Stevie then uploaded the video and it has since become a huge success.

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