Influencer Who Had Toe-Shortening Surgery Is Now Getting Bullied for ‘Gremlin Feet’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Here’s a reminder that your body belongs to no one but yourself. If you want to get plastic surgery, do it to make yourself feel good. Because there will always be internet trolls ready to bully you. For influencer Athena, her choice to get toe-shortening surgery has led to being heckled for her “gremlin feet.”

Athena Bought Herself New Toes for Christmas


For years i struggled with the appearance of my feet & decided to get a cosmetic foot procedure to shorten them @Dr.Abraham Wagner. Cant wait to share my journey with you guys! #happy #foot #feetcare #feetforyou #feetsurgery #cosmeticsurgery #toeshorteningsurgery #toetok #toeshortening #cutefeetandtoes #transformation #vlog #feetjourney #footwork

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Athena, who goes by the TikTok handle @goddessatheenaa, was unhappy with her toes. Of course, everyone’s feet are different, so I’m not going to judge. But her middle three toes were very clearly longer than her big and pinky toes. So, for someone who wants to wear strappy heels and show off painted nails, I can see why she wanted a change.

Athena decided to get toe-shortening surgery, which isn’t a commonly known procedure. She went to Dr. Abraham Wagner at Jaws Podiatry in Hollywood, Florida. The surgery took about 90 minutes, and she was awake the whole time.

Athena didn’t say how much the surgery cost but said it generally starts at $2,500.

So far, Athena has posted about a dozen videos about her toe-shortening surgery. She doesn’t seem to mind what kind of feedback she’s gotten.

“My toes were a big insecurity for as long as I can remember,” Athena said on TikTok. She excitedly shared that she’d gotten herself a “new set of toes” for a Christmas present. But the internet was ready to pounce.

“They looked better before it balanced out wide feet now it just looks like cavemen feet,” one person commented.

“YABBA DABBA DOOOOO,” said another.

“Them branch grippers,” someone else chided.

Over a Dozen Updates Later, She’s Still Getting Bullied for Toe-Shortening Surgery


Replying to @tiktokbikbo PSA: Before you soeak on me make sure you learn about healing process and recovery time. Thank you 🫶🏻❤️🦶@jawspodiatry #tiktok #footsurgery #tiktokmemes #follow #toeshorteningsurgery #toeshortening #cosmeticsurgery #viral #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #nails #trending

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The bullying didn’t stop over time. In a one-month post-op update, Athena posted before and after photos. Commenters asked her which feet were the new and improved ones, calling her out for “mini sausage” toes and “gremlin feet.”

Athena’s feet are still swollen, and she was told that the swelling could last for 6 months.

On a side note, Athena’s post-op shape of her foot is admittedly pretty handy. If you’re into sports, you’re in for a treat with her kind of feet. As a naturally hobbit-footed person myself, I can attest. They’re fantastic for bagging peaks like Barazinbar, Bundushathûr, and Gundabad when you’re short on time.

And not everyone is hating on the odd body modification procedure. There are a lot of people asking Athena for more information, especially as the swelling goes down. Either way, Athena DGAF.

“Attention internet trolls,” she wrote on TikTok. “I’m playing the tiniest violin for y’all. I’ll see you when my healing process is complete. Make sure you follow me & my doc @jawspodiatry. Remember nobody is ugly, just broke.”

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