Influencer Who ‘Lives in Bikinis’ Faces Backlash for ‘Disturbing’ Video With Stepdad

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An influencer who lives in bikinis is facing major backlash for a “disturbing” video taken in front of her stepdad. TikToker and Moana Swimwear founder Karina Irby was dancing to Britney Spears’ “Work Bi***”  in her kitchen. Her stepdad was washing dishes and the look on his face made a lot of viewers uncomfortable.

The “Disturbing” Stepdad Bikini Dance Video Seems to Have Been Taken Out of Context


Introducing my step Dad to my Tiktok… Do you think he approves? 😅 #christmas #familychristmas #britneyspears

♬ Work Bitch – Britney Spears

“Introducing my step Dad to my Tiktok… Do you think he approves?” Karina captioned the clip. She added the hashtags #christmas #familychristmas #britneyspears.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears is blasting as Karina is wearing one of her own signature bikinis. Her stepdad is wearing a black man bikini as well. When he turns around, it looks like he asks, “What the f*** are you doing?” He gives a bit of a smirk and places his hand on his hip as Karina is grinding heavily to the music but facing the other way.

Karina, who has about half a million followers, has already garnered nearly 600k views on the video.

On its face, the video does seem pretty weird. It’s hard to tell why a random person on the internet would dance like that in front of their parent, step-status or not. Also, her stepdad’s face, although bemused, almost seemed too happy to see her.

TikTokers Overwhelmingly Disapproved of the Stepdad Bikini Dance


I just want to make you SMILE! 🥹❤️‍🔥 #happy #sillydance #bodypositive #bodyconfidence

♬ Smile – Daniel Skye

“Cheap, tacky, unattractive, desperate………all the qualities of the modern influencer,” one person wrote.

“Asif, do that in front of your step Dad. REALLY,” wrote another.

“Stepdad right O,” said another.

“Definitely not a dance I’d be doing in front of my stepdad,” another person added.

“I find what you are doing in front of him and the way he looks at you mildly disturbing,” said someone else.

However, others were quick to come to Karina’s defense. When the video is watched as a standalone moment, it is indeed a little weird. But the TikTok influencer actually does this kind of thing on nearly every post of hers. She wears her bikinis and dances around, unafraid, and unashamed — but sans stepdad.

“If half the trolls commenting on this viewed more than one of her TikTok’s or videos they would see this is how she’s always dancing around!!” wrote one stoic defender.

“LOL, that’s hilarious. Can’t believe (some) people are not seeing this for what it is —a bit of fun,” someone else said.

For her part, Karina doesn’t seem to care what other people think. The 32-year-old is happily married to her husband Ryan Jones and has a successful clothing company.

Karina Irby Is Still Facing Backlash a Week Later


Replying to @Rita Reetz THERE IS NO ISSUE. People creating an inappropriate fake reality on my videos need to wake up. It truly says more about you than me. 🤨

♬ original sound – midgetmafiaog

“Jealous. You don’t even exist to me,” Karina lip-synced in a follow-up video featuring a repost of a hateful comment.

“THERE IS NO ISSUE. People creating an inappropriate fake reality on my videos need to wake up. It truly says more about you than me,” she captioned in another TikTok post.

It probably isn’t helping that her stepdad bikini dance video has gone viral, leading more people to her TikTok account to comment on the “issue.” But it seems like everything was taken out of context.

“No matter what you do on social media these days, someone will always find a way to bring you down, or in this case, project their insecurities or issues upon you,” the influencer told

“But, in this case, the facts are pretty simple. My stepdad and I have a great, normal relationship… We both have a good sense of humour and like to do stupid things to make others laugh.“

She added that the viral video was also taken on a hot summer day over Christmas, which the family spent by the pool. Karina was dancing in a bikini because she lives in bikinis, and her stepdad just happened to be there. No big deal.

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