30 Years Later, Terry Crews and His Wife Rebecca Prove They Are Marriage Goals

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Terry Crews has made a name for himself across many mediums in a career spanning for decades. He’s found success as an NFL football player, Hollywood actor, and most recently host of America’s Got Talent. Off-screen he has a family of 7 and even an autobiography under his belt!

From an early age, Terry Crews showed promise. He graduated high school with a full-ride football scholarship, attended Western Michigan University and was drafted in the 1991 NFL draft to play for the Los Angeles Rams. He continued to play for the San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles before he retired in 1998. He portrayed hilarious characters in TV shows and Hollywood movies from Are We There Yet?Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the blockbuster 2004 comedy White Chicks.

Perhaps the most fulfilling role Terry Crews has landed outside of his career is being a husband to his wife, Rebecca King-Crews. This summer, the two celebrated 30 years of marriage alongside friends and family. Though he was known for playing a disgruntled father, Julius, on Everybody Hates Chris, the actor was all smiles and ease in photos with their five children Azriel, Isaiah, Naomi, Tera, and Wynfrey. The Crews cut into a replica of their original wedding cake, sang to each other (Terry Crews was accompanied by Stevie Wonder), and Rebecca King-Crews even carried a replica of her original wedding bouquet!

In People magazine, the couple was quoted:

“In the 30 years since we were first married, there were times it seemed life shifted into hyperspeed — our five children going from diapers to high school, the seven-year period in the NFL on six different teams, careers in music and entertainment that we started launched last week but in fact has crossed into 20 years.”

Their marriage has seen highs and lows, as most do. The former Miss Gary Indiana, who was studying music met the then football player at their alma mater, Western Michigan University. They almost didn’t date, according to a Rebecca King-Crews interview, Terry was almost too nice! But he won her heart and they started dating and finally married in 1990.

Their first daughter, Azriel was born that year. In Terry’s book, Manhood: How To Be A Better Man he details some of the personal struggles he dealt with while married. From struggling with porn addiction and ultimately entering rehab to money mismanagement, as well as speaking up about a sexual assault against him by Hollywood agent Adam Venit. Rebecca King-Crews boasts that she is proud of her husband. The couple has much to look forward to in their future. Each has recently started new endeavors, Terry on AGT, and his wife, Rebecca’s new single, “Destiny”! Thirty years look so good on them!

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