A London doctor has  filmed what appears to be a crocodile floating around in the most unusual place: luxury houseboats in the River Thames! He posted the footage — which he says shows the giant reptile floating around Chelsea Harbor in west London — on Twitter.

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Chris Davies — who captioned his video with “Chelsea Harbour has its very own croc. Police called.” — was walking his dog when he spotted the crocodile. “It looked like the real deal. I know six pythons have been found in Battersea Park this year so I thought maybe this was a dumped pet,” he told the Evening Standard.

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But harbor master Colin Bullock, who was called in to deal with the beast, told the Evening Standard: “It was just a pond ornament, that was it. It was quite obviously a plastic item and I just got a net. There was no reason to panic. We have had dolphins and porpoises before, but nothing like this.”

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