Poor unfortunate children.

Guests on the “Little Mermaid” ride at Disney’s California Adventure got more than they signed up for when the robot Ursula lost her head.

And it’s just as horrifying as it sounds.

Twitter user @dizzzymissy shared a video on Jan. 28 that read: “This happened today which caught me off guard because Disney is usually so critical over things like this. #offwithherhead.”

Despite the fact that her head was literally dangling around beneath her neck, the animatronic sea witch carried on singing.

In the video, you can hear one of the Twitter user’s young companions say “It’s broken.”

Other Twitter users jumped on the opportunity to comment on the situation.

But Ursula wasn’t the only headless robot in the park.

Other guests pointed out that the auctioneer in the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride had also been decapitated.

And of course, the jokes came sailing in.

And to think, the tech nerds at Disney had such high hopes for their creations:


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