If you’ve ever seen “Watership Down,” you know how horribly depressing animated content aimed at children can be — especially if they’re British.

This brings us to “The Animals of Farthing Wood (TAFW).”

“TAFW” was an animated TV series based on books by Colin Dann. It aired in the UK in the early ’90s, and it was very similar to “Watership Down” in that it was about a bunch of adorable animals…many of whom die horrible, painful deaths.

Recently, one of Twitter’s greatest minds decided to chronicle these deaths and prove just how unbelievable messed up the show (which, again, was made for children) is.

Do as he says, guys. Brace yourselves.


Believe it or not, Ben actually left a lot stuff out.

So there you have it. A brief but detailed summary of one of the most depressing TV shows ever made. AND IT WAS MADE FOR CHILDREN!

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One person even compiled a video of some of the deaths from “TAFW” and uploaded it to YouTube so we can all share in their trauma.

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