Anatomy Teacher Student Sex Texas Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

A female anatomy teacher at a private Christian high school in Texas is in trouble for being the part of the lesson one of her students immersed themselves in. Lacey Jo Cunningham, 32, is accused of carrying on a sexual affair with an 18-year-old female student at Woodlands Christian Academy outside of Houston, Texas.

According to authorities Cunningham and the student began texting last August and eventually started meeting for coffee and attending church together. Eventually, their relationship began to include sleepovers at Cunningham’s apartment. The charges against Cunningham allege that she and the student engaged in over 20 sexual encounters.

At some point the student decided to tell her mother about the situation and the mother, unsurprisingly, immediately called the police. When confronted by the police Cunningham admitted to sleeping in the same bed as the student but denied ever having any sexual contact with her. Cunningham also claimed that the student initiated the sleepovers, and willingly let the police search her apartment.

A couple observations:

1. If the charges are true, Cunningham had to have, at some point, thought about how everyone (including and especially me!) was going to make crappy jokes along the lines of, “lol now THAT’S an anatomy lesson.”

2. At this point Cunningham’s best defense is to say she only did it because church made her so horny and hope the judge finds her unfit for trial.

3. At least one person who works at Woodlands Christian Academy smugly walked into work the day after this story broke and was like, “See, I told you teaching science was a bad idea.”

4. There are so many teachers in the United States that it’s probably a statistical impossibility that there ever won’t be at least a few people dumb enough to get all hot and bothered by one of their students but, nonetheless, the question is still worth asking: HOW IS THIS EVER WORTH IT!?!?!

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