Best Buy Manager ‘Stone Colds’ Energy Drinks to Hype Employees For Black Friday

This Best Buy manager needed to come up with a way to cheer up his team members to make sure they were ready for that Holiday rush. So much so, that he decided to do what any sane person would. He jumped on top of a counter, pretended he was part of Wrestlemania, and proceeded to open some drinks and down them like Stone Cold Steve Austin would. Yes, a real superstar.

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According to one of the employees, they always have a prep meeting before Black Friday to hype everyone working that night. The person leading the meeting, his manager, is a big Steve Austin fan, so he decided to follow his footsteps and make a huge mess out of it.

For those of you asking, no, there was no alcohol involved. The manager doused himself in pure Monster energy drinks. Because well, apparently it’s frowned upon to down a couple of Miller Lite cans before your shift. Totally get it. I really hope he was able to take a shower before any of the customers got there, though. That smell must have been horrid.

Still, this is pretty hilarious. It’s sure a good way to keep your employees entertained and awake. This Best Buy is lucky to have a manager that actually cares that his team has a good time. He needs a promotion asap!

But, not surprisingly enough, this isn’t the only Best Buy manager to go viral for pumpin’ up the crowd. In South Philadelphia, workers also got a Thanksgiving pump-up-speech from one of the managers. The man is seen huddled around a circle of employees, all dressed in blue, as he yells for them to help him spell out Best Buy letter by letter!

It looks to me like Best Buy might be a good place to work if you have a little bit too much energy lying around and need to get it out. That or all of these managers are definitely on something. Still, props to them for making people’s days a tad more interesting.

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