Insane Video Shows Chairs and Tables Flying as Wild Brawl Breaks Out in Bar

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Oh lord, just look at this glorious fight. You already know it’s going to be a good video as soon as you see a chair or two flying up in the air. What a wonderful way to get viral.

Apparently, a Providence bar is now at risk of losing two of its licenses after a massive brawl ensued that involved chairs, bottles, and well, fists. The video immediately went viral, showing quite a chaotic scene. The incident occurred at the Mi Sueno Disco Bar. The video shows both women and men can be seen hitting each other with first and chairs. But honestly, it was pretty much everything they could find. Oh, and all of this was on the dance floor.

It’s hilarious and insanely dumb. But what do you expect? These people were probably hammered out of their own minds. What makes this even better is that the lights were all the way up, and all you can hear is the music casually playing and everyone screaming left to right.

Flying Chairs and Tables For All!

According to WJAR, 20-year-old Alexander Burgos Cerda was arrested after police found a gun inside his fanny pack. He was charged with having a gun without a license. A hearing is also scheduled for the bar with the Providence Board of Licenses later this week. They are said to discuss the incident and weather or not the bar should have its entertainment and liquor licenses suspended.

This isn’t the first time the bar causes problems though. Several neighbors reported that they play their music so loud, that it can be heard from blocks away! It has also received several noise complaints, so it seems to me like this is just gonna be added to the list of complaints. 

Womp, womp. Come on, it was just a fight! It’s not their fault, it was the customers. Maybe just put security at the front and boom, call it a day. Or maybe, just don’t fight?

Do better people. 

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