Introducing Creepbook, the social network designed for all your unsavory snooping habits

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

While the explosion of social media in our culture has helped people keep in touch with their friends across long distances, there’s no denying that it also feeds into some of the worst human impulses, such as envy and pettiness. The concept of “Facebook creeping” is common knowledge by this point. Some people check up on exes, others sneak peeks at crushes’ pictures — it’s all a bit weird, even if the information is technically public. If you’re looking to streamline your voyeuristic experience, the guys at Chaps Eye have got the social network for you: Creepbook.

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This spoof of Facebook is packed with features to make creeping simpler. Gone is the like button, and comments are replaced with mutters, which can only be seen by the person who leaves them — no one will even know you were looking at their photos!

Pining for a lost lover? Burning with envy over a former friend’s accomplishments? Get on Creepbook and feed the beast. You were going to do the same thing on Facebook anyway.

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