“Drunk Donald Trump” has returned, and he really wants to nip crime in the bud

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

President Trump made headlines when he traveled to Long Island to address a group of law enforcement officials and speak about the administration’s efforts to curb bedlam and reduce crime. At one point he (rather awkwardly) used the common idiom ‘nip it in in the bud’ to describe the efforts.

“And it will get better and better and better, because we’ve been able to start nipping it in the bud. We’ve nipped it in the bud — let’s call it start nipping in the bud,” the president said.

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It was this portion of the speech that the team over at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” decided to slow down for their newest installment of “Drunk Donald Trump.” And it worked perfectly. By slowing down the audio, they  were able to make a man who doesn’t consume alcohol sound like a complete drunkard.

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