New York Subway Riders Attacked by Women Wearing Neon Green Leotards

Well, from the sounds of things, there are indeed aliens among us, and perhaps not surprisingly, they’re taking the New York City subway.

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But for two women on the subway, the humans dressed in mysterious green leotards were no laughing matter. And all we seem to know about the people wearing the leotards is that they too were women.’

The incident occurred on Oct. 2 in Times Square, when a group referred to as the “Green Goblin Gang” by local media clearly attacked two local teenage girls. All of it was revealed on social media.

It is not known what led to the attack, though it may have been the result of someone commenting on the group’s eerie attire. Needless to say, this happened in the middle of the night, or about 2 a.m., as reports suggest.

Women in Neon Green Leotards Assault Teens in New York City

Police say the neon green gals ended up stealing a handbag and cellphone, per the New York Post. Clearly, some of their faces can be seen in the video, and its likely arrests will soon follow.

At any rate, one of the victim’s mothers was understandably livid.

“She said she was attacked by aliens, and I didn’t know what she was talking about,” the mother told the Post. 

“Yesterday was her birthday. This is how she spent her 19th birthday. I hope they get what they deserve and then some because it’s disgusting.”

Mom is right. This gang is green and gross, and hopefully, it’s soon gone forever. I bet neon green leotards are gonna sell out everywhere now.

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