Oh Look, Another Teacher Who Joined OnlyFans Was Fired

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Some teachers need a lesson in classroom behavior. Or perhaps they’re OK in the classroom. It’s what they’re doing outside of school that has become an issue. The latest example comes your way from South Bend, Ind., where an elementary school teacher was fired for showing off her OnlyFans account. This appears to be an ongoing trend — teachers posing half-naked, then being shown the door.

This particular former teacher, Sarah Seales, was apparently exposed by a co-worker. But when you post to OnlyFans, you’re pretty much exposing yourself.

“I am shocked and saddened by his vile attempt to ruin my life,” Seales posted to her since-deleted Instagram account. “If you could think of any way to help me I would appreciate it. I feel heartbroken.”

Sarah Seales Fired For OnlyFans Account

Apparently, Seales often had her students refer to her by the nickname “Buttercup.” That’s also her nickname on OnlyFans. Needless to say, that’s probably not something you want your kids calling someone who’s supposed to be educating them.

Nonetheless, Seales says she appreciates the steamy site’s “empowering” nature, via The Sports Grail.

And perhaps that teaches us more than anything when it comes to which career actually matters to her.

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  1. Growing up we knew nothing with regards to our teachers and their life outside of the class room…
    To tell her students to call her Buttercup is not proper…
    Given she is a very attractive woman, her behavior with regards to allowing her students to know or refer to her by a pet name indicates one day she may get caught having inappropriate behaviors with a student…
    As for her acct. on the site she uses, if she showed it to her students that was wrong.
    However if she hadn’t shown it and her college saw it, and made an advance towards her and she rejected him… THen his reporting of the site and her outside activities would be vengeful and he as well should have been fired.

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