Billy Sue the Redneck Neighbor Is Gut-Bustin’ Funny in This Greatest Hits Video

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Those of us who spend a lot of time on YouTube have probably encountered Billy Sue. A YouTube user claims that Billy Sue is actually her neighbor and that she’s been terrorizing her for years. In reality, there’s probably a pretty good chance that Billy Sue is completely made up, her accent seems fake and her clothes look like she’s just trying too hard to be the “redneck neighbor.”

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But, even though Billy Sue might just be an actor playing a role, she has some pretty great one-liners like, “Why don’t you come and take a gander at what’s be left on my side of the fence.” Unfortunately, the YouTube user who captured Billy Sue claims that she’s disappeared.

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Billy Sue has a limited range of reactions so we do get to see her shooting the bird (do people still say that?) and even shooting double birds quite a bit. We even get to see her gesturing from her ATV and bicycle.

Also, what’s with shooting her through various things like holes in fences or ornamental walls? Is the YouTuber trying to protect her identity?

Suppose Billy Sue had a Boston or Brooklyn accent, what would we call her then? We all know where rednecks come from, below the Mason-Dixon jar line. Outside of the south, is this person just a jerk? Deep thoughts!

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