Stephen Colbert decided to tear CNN to shreds over their retracted stories and jokes about press briefing restrictions

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Videos by Rare

Expert satirist Stephen Colbert decided to lay into CNN on Tuesday evening’s episode of “Late Night.” The host took the divisive news network to task over their recently retracted a Russia-related Trump story:

CNN says that the retraction does not mean the facts of the story were necessarily wrong, but they pulled the story because standard editorial processes were not followed. Yes, it’s a fine story — they just forgot to call it ‘breaking news’ and have a countdown clock.

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After poking fun at CNN, Colbert diverted his attention back to his favorite target.

“There is one person who is guilty of fake news out there — it’s Donald Trump,” he said, referring to the recent report that several Trump golf clubs have a fake Time magazine cover of the president framed and mounted on their walls.

Earlier, Colbert mocked the White House’s new restrictions on press briefings:

What do you think?

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