The “Magic Loogie” scene from “Seinfeld” is a stone-cold classic YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Seinfeld magic loogie JFK joke

“Seinfeld” was a revolutionary sitcom back in the 1990s, and many of its gags have assumed places in the pantheon of comedy. The writers’ mix of everyday problems and the characters’ neurotic tendencies created some of the funniest sitcom material ever to hit TV. A particularly memorable example is “Magic Loogie” scene.

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Kramer and Newman tell a story in which they were spit on by New York Yankees player Keith Hernandez after a game, using the incident to justify their distaste for him. Jerry, however, jumps in to dispute their tale, calling it physically impossible.

In a scene parodying conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, Jerry attempts to reconstruct the spitting, arguing that the story presented by Kramer and Newman only makes sense if there were another spitter, calling Hernandez’ guilt into question.

It’s a perfect blend of goofiness, snark and American history.

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