See the goofiest possible college mascots square off in the world’s clumsiest dunk contest YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Conan bad mascot dunks

Professional sports team names and mascots tend toward certain categories that seem relatively normal, generally including fierce animals, soldiers, natural disasters and other imposing examples. They want to project serious, or at the very least, non-silly images.

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This trend starts to break down at the college level, partially because there are so many different schools that many good names are already taken — not every team can be the pirates or the wolves. Colleges often turn to more niche mascots, with the Rhode Island School of Design’s Scrotie being a particularly notorious (and NSFW) example.

The crew at “Conan” came up with several ridiculous mascots and had them square off in a dunk competition. Given the complexity of such costumes as the Costco Free Sample Lady and the Crying Jordan Meme, most of the dunks were spectacular failures.

Maybe these mascots aren’t ready to represent big-name programs.

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