These cute troublemakers painted a wall using this gross material instead of actual paint Rumble/AFV

You might want to hide your paintbrushes from the kids after seeing this video.

One dad caught his kids painting a wall in their house, only they weren’t using paint. Instead, the two boys are dipping their paintbrushes into the toilet next to the wall and spreading the water over the wall.

“You know you poop and pee in there?” the dad asks them.

“Yes,” one boy replies.

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“And you’re putting that all over the wall?” the dad asks.

“No,” the other boy replies in an obvious, but hilarious, lie.

The father then starts to laugh, blissfully unaware he is likely to be the one who has to clean this up soon. At least if his boys become world-famous artists, he’ll have this video to show how they got their start.

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