Thief Hilariously Knocks Himself Cold While Stealing From a Louis Vuitton Store

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sometimes, the best way to catch a thief is to just let him work his own magic.

Hey, no one ever said criminals were smart.

One knucklehead who attempted to swipe an $18,000 purse from a Louis Vuitton store proved this theory to be correct, and thank our lucky stars above, it was all captured on the store’s security camera.

So, how did the teenage robber get caught? By trying to quickly exit the store — and smashing into a glass wall instead.

The collision knocked him out cold, making things relatively easy for the store security guard to place the would-be robber into custody.

Thief Knocks Himself Cold

The suspect’s identity has not been revealed, given that he’s a juvenile. Authorities said he is part of a retail theft crime ring that has hit the state of Washington. This particular store is in Bellevue.

“Officials said that three suspects. robbed the same store twice in June, stealing around $100,000 in merchandise, while a fourth suspect sold the goods,” Sportskeeda wrote.

But it’s safe to say that this poor sap has been kicked out of their crime-riddled club. And probably got nothing but a pounding headache for his efforts. Still, we have to give him a B- for really committing to the part. What I found hilarious about this is the fact that the kid just gives up as soon as he falls to the floor. Maybe he was unconscious due to the hit, but he is not moving. He probably knew he was busted so decided to just lay there and let the punishment happen.

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