This prank video proves that asking strangers to hold your naughty stuff can lead to some hilarious reactions

ButtingHeads uploaded a prank to its YouTube channel, and it’ll leave you doubling over in laughter at the awkwardness.

The prank features a man and woman unable separately asking strangers to hold their stuff because they can’t find an item of theirs, such as a phone or wallet. Each prankster takes items out of the backpack while trying to find the item, asking the strangers to hold them. The stuff the two pull out of their backpacks is naughty, though, and the strangers’ reactions are hilarious.

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The man pulls and hands strangers everything from toilet paper to Viagra to a dildo, while the woman pulls out and asks strangers to hold everything from K-Y Jelly Lubricant to Vagisil to multiple dildos. The strangers’ faces are hilarious to watch, as their reactions range from shocked to amused.

Maybe think twice the next time a random person asks you to hold something for them.

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