Unicorn Armpit Hair: The New Beauty Trend That Has Us Questioning The Internet

I seriously don’t understand all of these weird trends that have been popping up lately. We have seen the Engagement Ring Piercing trend, removing the inside of ears trend, and glitter on your dog’s testicles trend. I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted trying to keep up with them. I don’t know which one to partake, or if I even should attempt to follow it. So as expected, it doesn’t stop there. Introducing the Unipits trend, a new colorful trend that is circling around social media, and let me tell you, it’s all three summed up. It is also exactly what it sounds like. It involves hair, armpits, and rainbows.

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Rainbow Armpits!

Apparently, the latest beauty trend is causing everyone to dye their armpit hair in different colors. Don’t get me wrong, your body is your body and you can do whatever you’d like to it, but this just seems too much. Come on the internet, give us a little break! I’m barely catching up with the Christmas eyebrows trend that happened in December.

What does the Unipit trend stand for? The trend is said to embrace the extension of a female empowerment movement in which women grow out their armpit hair, as a means of encouraging body positivity. Which in all defense, I think that’s great. Like I said, your body is your body, you can have whatever you want, or not. But you have to admit this seems a little bit too excessive and a tad strange. I can already hear people complaining and suing dye companies for burnt rashes on their armpits.

New Trend Alert!

Safe to say social media was quick to put in their two cents, some opposed to it, but some rooted for the trend to kick off. Several believe this will allow women to feel empowered and self-confident in their bodies, by breaking the social norms of what a woman’s body should look like.

Celebrities have even started to participate in the trend as well. Miley Cyrus shared a photo of herself, becoming a modern advocate of celebrating uniqueness, showing off her natural look, and sporting pink’ unicornpits’. Because let’s face it, if there is anyone that is going to participate in a trend like this, it is Cyrus herself. She is known for her quirky style and 2012 out-of-the-blue meltdown.

Miley Cyrus Sports Rainbow Armpits!

Now, as I said, I support all movements for body positivity, but hair dye on armpit hair? Really? We couldn’t just go with regular hair on our heads? Sure, I’ll dye my hair pink for a good cause, heck, I’ll even dye it green.

Ah, the power of social media keeps amazing me every day. Well, at least there will be more color in the world, right? I guess we’ll be seeing more rainbows armpits this year, and if that’s keeping people from bullying other people, then go for it. Show me your pink pits and embrace that culture, sister. I guess you can call it an accessory to your outfit.

New Accessory

Long live colorful pits and a summer to remember. I probably won’t try this myself, but I am here for it and support you. Firstly, because I love the color, I’ll admit it, it makes me happy. But secondly, I love that people are embracing something that has been taboo for so long.

Hair is hair, it’ll grow back and you can cut it anytime you want. Sure, the rainbow dye isn’t “natural”, but it’s fun so yeah, you win this time internet. Fan of it, you do you.

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