We discovered this hysterical retro training video thanks to the Found Footage Fest YouTube channel. The retro training videos we’ve shared in the past were all made to train fast food employees, but this one is a little different.

The video is comprised of clips taken from a 1988 exercise video aimed at wannabe male strippers called “Muscle Motion.”

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The voice over is completely bizarre. “Someone’s looking over your shoulders, Chris,” a male voice says as some buff dude (presumably nameed Chris) exercises in front of a poster featuring some other buff dude.

It’s an interesting video to say the least. There’s something incredibly amusing about a bunch of burly, mustachioed, hirsute dudes taking themselves way too seriously while gyrating around in front of a camera. And the thought of some schlubby ’80s guy working out in front of his TV to this video is almost mind blowing.

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