Local TV Reporter Does Segment From Inside Haunted House, Has Terrible Time

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If you’re weak of constitution, you should probably avoid having to report on haunted houses. One unfortunate local TV reporter attempted to overcome her fears anyway.

Halloween Went Pretty Wrong for This Reporter

In this local news blooper, watch as this reporter goes through a haunted house to talk about the attraction, while she’s obviously terrified of the surrounding environment. It’s pretty clear that she does NOT want to be there. As far as Halloween season goes, it feels like her interest stops at sweaters, cute trick-or-treaters, and pumpkins. She’s definitely not walking through haunted trails in cornfields at night for fun.

“My stomach is in knots right now,” she says as she walks through the tour and then begins screaming and crying when one of the decorations pops out at her.

As the reporter moves through the haunted attraction, anxiously anticipating a jump scare that is definitely coming, the fake blood spooky animatronics start to get to her.

BREAKING NEWS: Scaring People is Hilarious

And then, finally, the haunters do their thing.

“Oh my god!” she says while crying, as the man who scared her gives a very satisfied grin.

Considering this was easily the scariest report she’ll ever have, at least until she covers a serial killer or something, she probably won’t be returning to a haunted house any time soon.

From now on she’ll reporting on petting zoos, farmer’s markets, and maybe, if no one else is available, car accidents. Though it would probably be in the best interest of her news station to keep terrifying her for the laughs. That’s the way to ratings, after all. Not news. Obviously. It’s all about spectacle, fear, human suffering, and, just like haunted houses, jump scares.

This story was originally published October 25, 2016.

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