Hilariously Honest Video Shows What Mothers Deal With Having a Baby In Bed

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A hilarious video showing what mothers have to deal with while sleeping with their babies has people rolling over in laughter. Apparently, it’s a lot like being pinned down by a professional wrestler. Except, you know, it’s a tiny baby.

The black and white video is fast-forwarded so you can see what appears to be a lengthy time progression. The mother, likely exhausted, seems to be doing her best to a) get some sleep in, and b) not crush her baby. It looks like “b” gets a little harder towards the end, as the baby’s movements become absolutely riotous.

At one point, the baby just rubs their butt on the mom’s face and then sits on her. You can tell that the mom at this point is having a really hard time, because she fully just lifts the baby up and (gently!) throws it down to the side.

Comments about the video are pointing out that the title “Beautiful video of a baby sleeping with his mother” is pretty inaccurate. Momma’s definitely not getting much sleep.

One person asked, “Was the baby…twerking on her face?!” It certainly looks like it.

The video puts truly honest perspective into motherhood. So next time you see a momma looking tired, just remember, she may have had to deal with these kinds of shenanigans all night. Sleeping with a baby in bed is no cakewalk.

Watch the video via Facebook here.

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