This Is The First Song Dolly Parton Remembers Hearing

Parton modeled herself — and her career — after this legendary country music solo artist.

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Videos by Rare

Slowly but surely, Dolly Parton has won us over with her country music and positive message. She’s succeeded so much that America considers her as one of its most treasured talents.

In fact, Parton is so beloved in the U.S., that scientists named the sheep clone Dolly after her.

Impressively, Dolly Parton still hasn’t retired. Earlier this month, her new duet with Kelly Clarkson — a reworking of the 9 to 5 these song — hit the Internet.

But while we continue to cherish that unforgettable tune, we can’t help but wonder which song inspired Parton to get involved in music in the first place.

What Song Drove Dolly Parton to Pursue Music?

Born in a one-room cabin on January 19, 1946, Dolly Parton is the fourth of 12 children who call Avie Lee Caroline “Mom.”

Parton credits her mother for inspiring her to play music. But the song that locked her into singing was a Patsy Cline tune named “I’m a Great Admirer,” according to The outlet says Parton reveals many once-private details about her life in a foreword to Loretta Lynn’s recent memoir.

“The first time I heard Patsy Cline’s voice, it really caught my ear,” Parton reportedly said. “She is a true stylist, and I just thought it was so very different and so unusual. I have always loved her sound. I’m a great admirer of people who have developed their own style.”

It makes sense that she modeled herself after a musician such as Cline. After all, there’s only one Dolly Parton.

The ever-industrious Southerner is also looking forward to a new greatest-hits compilation due in mid-November. Last but not least, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will welcome Parton among its 14 inductees into the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year. This year’s induction ceremony will take place on Nov. 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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