Chicago Nurse Fights With Train Passenger Ranting About COVID-19

When there’s a pandemic going on, whether you personally take it seriously or not, what you’re not going to do is harass people that are taking it seriously and most definitely not harass healthcare workers who are purposely putting themselves at risk by being at the frontlines of COVID-19.

This brings me to my next point in expressing how much I detest videos like this. Fellow passenger Katrice Hardaway on the Chicago Transit Authority Red Line, pulled out her cellphone to record a fight on the train that I couldn’t even believe was actually happening either.

The dramatic video shows a man in a black shirt standing up in front of a seated hospice nurse, ranting about the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently he was shouting directly at the Chicago nurse, going off about how healthcare workers are to blame for the pandemic. The nerve of this guy.

I’m not sure if the nurse was coming off of a shift or going to one, but he definitely had enough of this guy’s crap, and rightfully so. The cellphone video continues to show the nurse arguing back at first, probably trying to ignore the man. But soon, the nurse stands up after clearly having enough, and they start to fight and struggle.

Hardaway vouched for the nurse, explaining to CBS 2’s Jermont Terry that the nurse tried to de-escalate the situation and that she hit the train’s panic button, saying, “Fighting through this pandemic for us, and he shouldn’t have to go through that on his way to work.”

Soon enough, more other fellow passengers tried to separate the two after it started to get even more heated. The nurse looked like he was handling the instigator well, not trying to make the situation more than it actually was. Nevertheless, the man was upset in getting embarrassed that he was getting handled and continued to give what turned into a group of passengers a hard time.

The man refused to get off at the next train stop, so the nurse, still clearly trying to avoid trouble, got off at the 69th Street exit. Hardaway made sure to turn her video into police, and as far as it is known, the nurse will be pressing charges. The disgruntled man, however, is still on the loose.

It simply does not make sense to create issues like these. Coronavirus cases have gone up, and yes, people may attest it to more testing, but at this point, just wear a face mask and have some respect for yourself and others.

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