Horrifying Video Captures Chair Swing Ride Collapsing, Leaving at Least 20 People Injured in ‘Swing of Fire’ Accident


A nightmarish incident recently occurred on a carousel of sorts in Orenburg, Russia, which saw the chair swings of the ride collapsing. The horrific occurrence was captured on video.

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At the start of the video, everything seems to be going according to plan, with the riders enjoying themselves as they sit on swings that spin around high above the ground. At about 13 seconds into the video, the carousel holding the swings up violently collapses. Screams are heard as the camera moves to the ground.

Terrifying Incident on Amusement Park Ride Captured on Video

After a quick cut, the footage soon continues. More footage showcases parents attending to their children after the horrific accident. Bystanders are seen holding the ride up as they try to tend to the injured. The end of the video features a severely injured woman with blood coming from her face being put on a stretcher.

20 people have been reported to be injured, but there have been no casualties as of yet. Eight children have been reported to be injured as a result of the accident. A 10-year-old girl who is listed as being in “grave” condition will receive surgery in order to help with her injuries and recovery. A 27-year-old woman has also been listed as being in “grave condition.”

The ride, which is an attraction at Orenpark, is apparently 17 years old. Reportedly, park chief Timur Shogenov reassured riders that the ride was safe, saying, “There is no need to worry. It is all safe.” After the incident, officials stated, “We don’t know yet what caused the accident. But already now it is clear that there are serious questions to those in charge of the safety of the rides. What has happened is simply unacceptable. Health and safety of the citizens is our priority. Those responsible for what has happened should certainly be punished.” It is not currently clear if anyone will be found culpable for the accident.

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