Robbed Of His Rifle, Man Returns With Second Gun, Wins Shootout With Armed Assailant

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In a tale that sounds like a movie script, an unidentified man went from unsuspecting victim to harrowed survivalist of a gun fight.

The event happened in St. Louis County, Missouri near the Welston Market and a 5 On Your Side store and it left three people injured. None of those three was the hero of this story.

Alleged villain, according to reports, Bobby Lee Booker Jr. was inside the store when the aforementioned man entered. The man was “open carrying” a rifle in a gun bag and according to witnesses simply paid for his goods and left. He did not make any mention of the gun, threaten anyone with it, or otherwise do anything out of the ordinary.

Booker waited until the man was leaving to pull out his pistol, approach from behind, placed his pistol on the back of the mans head, and robbed him of his gun and jacket.

From there, the man went back to his car and retrieved his handgun. He returned to confront Booker and shot him multiple times before fleeing the area.

Another unidentified person arrived on the scene and shot Booker an additional time, leaving him outside the store where police found him when they arrived at the scene.

Two women who were on the scene were wounded with stray bullets, neither are considered serious injuries.

Booker was charged with armed criminal action, first-degree robbery and two counts each of unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The judge set a cash-only bond at $500,000, however he remains under surveillance in an area hospital being treated for gunshot wounds.

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