The graphic police video of a fatal shooting in Utah has been released

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Warning: this video is graphic.

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Video of a fatal police shooting from the night of Aug. 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah, released by the district attorney shows the death of 50-year-old Patrick Harmon.

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The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that the video was released by the district attorney’s office after Officer Clinton Fox was cleared and the fatal shooting was ruled justified.

According to the report, Harmon was stopped after he was observed riding his bike across multiple lanes while not having a red tail light. The documents of what happened next say Harmon gave “a couple of different names” that were not his, that the officer learned Harmon was wanted for felony aggravated assault and that he “bolted and ran” when he was told he would be arrested.

Harmon was shot three times and killed after he turned around suddenly.

The officers on scene said Harmon was reaching for his pocket and that they recovered a knife at the scene, which was photographed.

Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office

Harmon was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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While Harmon’s niece and many commenting on the internet contend that Harmon was “murdered […] flat out” and that “there is no way they were threatened by anything,” Chief Mike Brown said he “trust[s]” and “support” District Attorney Sam Gill’s decision.

Officer Fox, who can be heard shouting “I’ll f**king shoot you!” before he shot Harmon, said that he did so because he saw a knife and was “terrified by how close Mr. Harmon was to the officers.”

He further claimed that this was the “scariest situation” he’d been in, ten years in law enforcement and two military deployments combined.


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