All Security Footage From Events Of January 6th Released

All of the security footage from the events of January 6th, 2021 has been released by the House of Representatives. This comes after Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz led the charge to remove former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position, paving the way for the footage to be released.. Controversial political operative Roger Stone confirmed that Gaetz deserves credit for the release of the footage.

Videos by Rare

Stone can be quoted as saying, “The person who deserves the most credit for today’s release of the J-6 videos is @mattgaetz

The newly released footage is already stirring controversy across the world, as many of the unearthed videos show Capitol Police shaking hands with, and assisting the protestors that were falsely skewered by the Pelosi-led January 6th Committee as ‘violent insurrectionists’.

Why did no members of the Capitol Police step up and tell the truth about the events of January 6th at any point between the events of the day, and now, when the footage has finally been released under new House Speaker Mike Johnson?

Hundreds of Americans who were at the Capitol on January 6th have been suffering in solitary confinement since January 6th, being imprisoned in some cases for up to 20 years or more. Lives have been shattered as a result of a day that, because of the newly released footage, we now know was not nearly as vicious and violent as the press and Congress claimed that it was.

For years now, anybody who ‘downplayed’ the events of January 6th, in the eyes of Democrats and their cohorts mainstream media, has been attacked. The security footage tells a totally different story than that painted by those in Congress, and those who have prosecuted the protestors involved in the events of that day.

How can a single charge continue to stand as it pertains to January 6th? One video shows protestors handing out water to the Capitol Police, as the police shake their hands and greet them. See that video below…

Keep in mind, those creating the false narratives about January 6th have had access to all of this footage all along. They have fabricated a false narrative in order to be justified in persecuting their most prominent political opposition.

There should be a House investigation into the January 6th Committee, and the obfuscation of evidence that has wrongfully destroyed the lives of so many Americans. Editor Troy Smith Talks Xi’s U.S. Visit + Responds To False Attacks From CNN – The StoneZONE

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