Analyst on Fox News Says The Bush Family Is Running The DeSantis Campaign (Video)

Political analyst Mark Simone appeared on Fox News this weekend to claim that ‘the Bushes’ are running the DeSantis campaign for President in 2024. This comes as DeSantis has not formally filed his campaign for President.

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Simone can be quoted as saying…

The Bushes are all tangled up with [DeSantis]. Bush who can raise him a billion dollars,

Karl Rove will be the coach on the field, I think he’s been advising him.”

That’s why DeSantis has been getting a little better every week. They’re all very smart

You saw what they did for Jeb Bush.

Mark Simone on Fox News

See a clip of that moment below…

An unnamed source told Real Clear Politics that Trump plans to blackball anybody that works for Ron DeSantis. That source reportedly said…

It’s a time for choosing,

If you work for Ron DeSantis’ presidential race, you will not work for the Trump campaign or in the Trump White House.”

Source to Real Clear Politics

Trump blasted DeSantis this weekend, claiming that the Florida Governor came to him ‘with tears in his eyes begging for an endorsement.’ See a clip of that moment below…

The split between Trump and DeSantis is very real. While supporters this weekend at Trump’s rally did not claim to hate Ron DeSantis, several claimed that DeSantis should stay in Florida.

Is the Bush family really working with DeSantis? If so, why have DeSantis’ policies been so in line with Trump?

It does not make much sense. Could this be yet another political attack designed to make DeSantis appear weaker than he is?

What do you think?

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