OnlyFans Judge Seen Partying in Vegas as NYC Politician Calls For His Disbarment

The former judge who was fired for moonlighting as a porn star now faces the possibility of having his law license removed.

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But Gregory A. Locke doesn’t seem to care — at least, not if you’re factoring in his behavior.

Locke, 33, was fired last week for exhibiting “unprofessional behavior” unbecoming of a judge. Or really anyone in law. For the record, he has an OnlyFans page in which he charges $12 a month. Because, of course, he does.

But that wasn’t the reason he was fired. Per the New York Post:

“The lawyer’s fall from grace came after he told City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino to ‘choke on a d-k’ following her criticism against Drag Queen Story Hour in public schools and libraries, leading the rep to file a complaint against him.”

Paladino didn’t hold back in her response.

Gregory A. Locke

“Because of a disgusting tweet this judge posted about me, we placed a complaint, the floodgates opened and he was fired,” Paladino said.

Locke seemed unconcerned and was hanging out in Las Vegas based on his Instagram account.

“Spent my Saturday getting ready to see my queen Adele close out her Vegas residency,” he wrote as the caption to a selfie.

“Did anything else happen? Did I miss anything?”

Locke is someone who judges others, it seems, but rarely himself. Based on his OnlyFans description, he is above the law. Or maybe not the law, but at least someone with a law degree.

“White collar professional by day… very unprofessional by night. always amateur, always raw, always slutty,” the description reads.

Meanwhile, Paladino is aiming to make sure Locke never sits on a bench or tries or rules a case again.

“This guy should lose his law license, we’re in the process,” she said.

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