Biden Struggles, Is Led Around By Hand During Nighttime Beach Walk (Video)

After dining at a local seafood restaurant and heading to the local move theater to see ‘Oppenheimer’, President Joe Biden could be seen taking a moonlight shuffle on the beach with First Lady Jill Biden last night.

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The beach was lit by what is presumed to be Secret Service SUVs.

Biden struggled to walk on the beach, as this President struggles to walk on normal ground, the sand proved to be a tricky surface. See the video of Biden struggling to walk with First Lady Jill Biden on the beach in Delaware below…

As you can see in the clip, First Lady Jill Biden is clearly leading Joe along, almost dragging her along with him. It is evident that Biden was struggling with the sand.

Considering Biden takes nearly every weekend off, including Mondays and Fridays, why does this President need such an extensive 10 day vacation in Delaware?

See Biden shuffling out of the movie theater before this beach walk in the clip below..

Why won’t this President address the Hunter Biden trial? Why won’t they comment on the Devon Archer testimony?

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