Biden Treasury Secretary Yellen: “Climate Change Is An Existential Threat” (Video)

During testimony about the 2024 Federal budget, Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that “climate change is an existential threat”.

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This comes as yet another mass shooting rocked Nashville, Tennessee on Monday. We showed the clip of Biden ranting about children in the audience and ice cream at the time that it happened.

As Biden rants about ice cream, and has his handlers coordinate his every move, Yellen is obviously focused on climate change. We are left begging the question, is anybody actually running the White House?

See a clip of Yellen stating ‘climate change is an existential threat’ below…

Remember, Republicans in the Senate had proposed a bill that would have required armed security in every school nationwide. Senate Democrats have blocked that bill, not allowing it to even see the Senate floor.

The White House made a statement via Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the day of the shooting. Jean-Pierre said that the White House blames Congressional Republicans for not passing illegal gun ban legislation. We reported on that at the time, but take a look at the clip below…

This White House is obviously more interested in playing the blame game and chasing imaginary issues than actually leading in a time of crisis.

The Democrats answer to Nashville? Ban guns. Even though the weapons were purchased lawfully, as the shooter passed the federal firearms background check, the Democrats simply want more laws against gun owners.

For now, our Nation has no leader. We are falling off the world stage, and all the Democrats can do is laugh! Sickening.

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