Elon Musk Calls For Release of ‘Q Shaman’ Jacob Chansley

Twitter owner Elon Musk called for the release of January 6th prisoner Jacob Chansley, also known as ‘Q Shaman’, or ‘Qanon Shaman’, in a tweet on Friday.

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The statement was included in a retweet of a video showing Chansley encouraging protestors to remain peaceful, reading a tweet from President Trump among the fray of protestors into his megaphone.

See the tweet and the caption below…

Chansley gained notoriety after the events of January 6th or his unusual attire. On that cold January day, Chansley had no shirt on. He also had a painted face, and a buffalo skin hat.

Pictures of him circulated the internet for months after J6, and continue to do so.

Chansley was sentenced to four years in prison after being arrested shortly after the protest. Additional footage released by Tucker Carlson showed Capitol Police acting as a tour guide for Chansley and others. See that video below…

This man was led through the building by police… Why is he serving a prison sentence?

Moreover, why did authorities omit the footage shown by Tucker Carlson and being promoted by Elon Musk?

Presumably, authorities have had access to the entirety of this footage all along. They simply must have known that Chansley was set up. Knowing this truth, they omitted the facts and punished Chansley and others with the full weight of the law.

A disgrace to justice.

It will be interesting to see if calls from Elon Musk to free Chansley garner any traction around the country. Some Republican lawmakers are set to visit prisoners once again in the coming weeks.

What do you think?

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  1. Search for “January 6th REDUX” on Amazon. This is the book they don’t want you to read. These are the pictures they don’t want you to see. Over 100 color images with an eyewitness account and video analysis of January 6th, 2021 brings the events at the U.S. Capitol to light.

    In 2016, Trump obviously was not part of the plan. Trump was not part of the Washington establishment. The Bush family, the Clinton family, and the Obama democrats had run the country for nearly three decades. The non-elected government positions, the intelligence community, the courts – all built with those three powers at the lead for twenty-eight years. Trump was an outsider. Trump was dangerous. He proved to be a legitimate threat, and at that moment the gears of the entrenched, entitled political machine that has become the bulk of our government began to turn, began to mold and manufacture deep state operations to derail the oncoming train of a new, more engaged, more informed, more vocal conservative block of Americans. The Intel/Media Complex was ready to flex its muscle.

    Operation Crossfire Hurricane – Russian Collusion – COVID19 Fraud – Election Fraud – January 6th – FBI Raids – Political Prisoners

    The political establishment’s corruption is laid bare.
    Can you handle the truth?

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