Woman, 62, Expecting Eighth Child and First With 25-Year-Old Husband: ‘People Say I’m Too Old’

You’re never too old to have kids. Abraham from the Bible had one at 100. His wife, Sarah, was 75.

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And it appears one modern-day woman fully intends to rival those two legends.

It’s true, as Cheryl McGregor, 62, said she is hoping to have her eighth child overall and first with husband Quran McCain, 25. The two make their home in Rome, Georgia.

McGregor revealed her desire for a child on This Morning, a British show, and said they fully intend to find a surrogate.

And that might not even be their biggest challenge. Instead, they had to convince their families that they were serious about their relationship and marriage.

“Its been a battle with them, us trying to prove to them that it wasn’t a joke,” McGregor said, via the Daily Mail. “Out of my seven children they were saying he was using me, we weren’t using each other, we can’t help who our hearts fall in love with.

“So it’s been a battle, out of seven of my children I really have two but one who really stands by us through everything and it took a while to come to that conclusion that they like him.”


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It probably doesn’t hurt that they’ve become somewhat famous in the process — with McCain proposing on TikTok in front of 20,000 viewers. They’ve also been making the rounds on national talk shows.

The media — both social and traditional — have been eating up their romance. So it’s easy to feel a little skeptical on whether this is true love, or a path to fame. Either way, it’s working.

“We are just going to keep living our lives because we are happy, we are very much happy, this is a happy healthy marriage, we are looking to start our family and that’s all we got,” McCain said.

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