Marjorie Taylor Greene Destroys Joe Biden Over ‘MAGA Republicans’ Comment

President Biden issued his first veto on Monday. The bill in question was passed by House Republicans, and then passed in the Senate 50-46 with two Democrats supporting the bill.

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The bill targets a Biden change to Labor Department policy, allowing for retirement asset managers to invest in things like Climate Change. CNBC can be quoted as saying about the change made by Biden..

permits fiduciary retirement fund managers to consider climate change, good corporate governance and other factors when making investments on behalf of pension plan participants.

The bill vetoed by Biden seeks to eliminate this change. Biden then posted an inflammatory video to social media, claiming that ‘MAGA Republicans’ were attempting to ‘limit retirement funds’. Not true. See that video below…

It did not take long for Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to respond to these outrageous statements made by Biden.

Greene immediately tweeted “No one has put our retirement at risk more than you, Joe. American families can’t count on checks from China to pay their rent and groceries like your family does.”

See that tweet below…

Doesn’t it seem dangerous to allow fund managers to invest in purely political causes? Especially when this money is already tied up in government?

Greene is correct. Biden is hurting America.

What do you think?

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